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Paximune Immune System Booster is a patented immune system boosting oral spray that boosts your immune system immediately, effectively, cost efficiently, and most importantly safely.  Our naturally derived formulation can be taken as a daily supplement for enhanced immunity or as a therapeutic when necessary.  Viruses have learned to constantly evolve mutations to shut down the immune system's ablility to produce the very proteins Paximune replenishes.  This explains why administering Paximune is so beneficial to boosting the host immune system when under viral assault.  These mutations are why every year there is a new flu vaccine.  Our patented science mirrors nature's natural delivery and dosage cycles and has been proven in over 100 clinical trials to boost the host immune system safer and more effectively than any other product on the market today, with or without a prescription.  Try Paximune today for a healthier, happier, longer life.  Paximune is safe for adults, children, infants and pet/livestock consumption.  Please check our website BoostMyImmuneSystem.com for recommended dosages.